Hi im new to this, so hello everyone.
I lost my Husband 8 month’s ago to a brain tumour. He lived with it for nearly 5 years.
I miss him so much, there is a great big hole in my life. What i miss most is having that person to share gossip with lol, to talk about our day’s etc, the affection and cuddles. Although i have great family and friends its not the same.
I feel bad for feeling this way as he would of happily stayed. Does anyone else feel this way. Xxxx


Hello @Groot. Sorry for your loss, I only lost my partner 10 weeks ago but you sum up exactly how I feel.

I have family and friends around me but still feel very alone. It’s like losing half of me. There is no one to talk too about my day, share problems with, or just sit and have a cuddle with.

I’m also fairly new to this site but have found it really helpful to understand what I’m going through. I think the only people who really understand this kind of loss is others who are experiencing the same
Sending hugs x


So sorry for your loss.
Yes I feel exactly the same. I know exactly what you mean when you say it’s not the same having others around. I want him, I want to lie in bed with him and chat, laugh and have cuddles, moan at him for snoring or to have him cwtching in and getting caught up in my hair. There are lots of things you can only get from a partner you love deeply and I miss that soo much :broken_heart:


Hi @Groot
So very sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my partner to cancer in January & like you I find the house empty. It’s great having friends & family keeping in touch but like you I miss that intimacy that you can only have with a partner. I miss her hugs & smile most of all right now.
Best wishes to you.


I’m truly sorry that you have lost your husband @Groot. Sending you hugs, and thoughts of comfort and peace xx

My husband died 6 months ago, only 25 days after being diagnosed with small cell lung cancer.

I miss him, I miss us. I miss me.

I hate how after 28 amazing years together our home is no longer filled with the sounds of laughter and love. Such a feeling of being alone, cast adrift and invisible in a way when the reality sunk in that I’m no longer anybody’s priority.

I have friends, no family. I am truly grateful for the support and love of my friends but oh how I miss sharing a brew, nattering about the day, cooking a meal together. I miss his arms holding me close, sharing a kiss, our intimacy.

I miss how daft we were, always laughing at the silliest of things.

I want nothing more than to hear his voice and see his smile. The way he looked at me made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.

I miss holding hands, something we did everyday and everywhere we went.

Love you my Chris xx


Hi Just some bloke

Im sorry to hear of your loss too. I agree family and friends are great but i feel nobody understands unless you are going through it.
Its good to realise that im not being selfish. Especially as im the one still here living. X


Hi @Groot It’s easy for me to say but try not to feel guilty or selfish. Perhaps think about what your hubby would say to you about how to live your future. And yes, no-one else understands unless they’ve experienced it themselves.
All the best to you.

Hi just some bloke

I know exactly what he would say lol, he woulf tell me to move on & stop being go quilty. However although i miss all the intimacy and company, i feel its to soon anyway.

All the best to you too. Xx

Like I said in another post today - it’s the hugs and her smile I miss right now.

Hi Doughtyj

Im sorry for your loss, so soon for you too.
Im hoping the site helps, it seems like most people feel the same way as i do which makes me feel better.

Sending hugs too xx

Hi Lonelypanda

Im so sorry for your loss, so quick too. At least we had time to get our heads around it if you know what i mean.

Life is so cruel.

Sending hugs xx

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Hi Lostlil

Sorry for your loss too.

Do you mind if i ask how long your partner/husband has been gone & what happened.

Sending hugs xx

Hi justsomebloke

Know how you feel.

Sending hugs xx

We’d been together 17 years but we weren’t married. His heart just stopped completely out of the blue :broken_heart: He was so fit and strong, that’s why I’m struggling with it all so much. It feels so unfair and so senseless.
No chance to say goodbye, I can’t even remember the last thing I said to him :sob:

It’s only been four weeks for me but it feels like a lifetime ago since I last spoke to him or hugged him. I miss him so much. I just don’t know what to do anymore :disappointed:

Oh it must have been so hard to watch your husband with a brain tumour for so long, life is so cruel sometimes :broken_heart:

8 years ago, we lost our close friend to a brain tumour, such a hard time for him and his family and us as his extended family.

Then in January my partner of 49 years, died instantly from cardiac failure while out on a bike ride with his mates.

Fit and healthy we thought. The suddenness is shocking. Regardless of how our partners go, we’re all seem to end up in the same place.

Our friends wife still struggles to this day and to lose my partner, who she classed as a son, has really stirred up some bad memories for her.

We both miss them massively!

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