Need help recovering

I lost my mum in May and been feeling my world has stood still. I feel like I have no one to help. Its not been easy as a mum being string for the kids and a big sister being strong fir her younger one. Its been hard really


Dear Precious,
Feeling as if your world stood still is something that most of us who lost our mum can relate to. And yes, it is very hard, because the bond between a mother and a daughter can be such a very special one, especially when you become a mother yourself. I see in your profile that you have 3 children and it must be hard for them too to have lost their grandma. How old are they? I understand that you want to be strong for your children and for your younger sister but maybe you and your sister can help each other? I have 3 younger sisters and we all were there for each other. Maybe your younger sister tries to be strong for you and both of you are holding back tears when it would maybe do both of you good to cry together.
It is good that you have come to this site where you will find others in similar situations, trying to help one another . If you do not get many responses to your post, maybe you could try to post it again in the ‘loosing a parent’ category.

Hi precious
I’m sorry you lost your mum. I understand how you feel. It’s now 16 months since I lost my mum suddenly but the world has changed for me since then. As you said, it’s like the world has stood still. I’ve also had to be strong for my child. Its very hard x

Thank you so much for the quick response. I will try talking to her as she is also a mum and I think she is also being strong for her kids because to be honest, she must nbe feeling it more. she is back in Nigeria where my mum passed away and also the one taking care of her when she was ill. I am just always scared to bring it up when we talk because I am scared of what her reaction/response will be. We both share good times we had with her but never talked about how her death has affected us both. i will do as you have adviced and see how that helps me. Thanks once again. I really appreciate

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Thanks for the response. ive been getting help from talking to a counsellor who recommended this site. Are you talking to someone? it might help

Hi Precious,
I had 6 sessions of counselling last October and november. It didnt help me at all. It didnt bring mum back and I just sat and cried to a stranger for an hour which made me feel very awkward.
However there are people for whom counselling has helped greatly so dont be put off by me.