Need to talk

I’ve been doing ok until this month, both my Mum and Wife passed away this month Mum on the 7th and my Wife on the 21st. I’ve just started crying and can’t stop. Is this normal?

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I would say how you are feeling is very normal, it’s a month of anniversary’s for you which brings all the emotions back to the surface again with the memories of what happened on our loved ones last day.

Try & be kind to yourself & just go with the flow of how you feel, it will pass & even though you will still grieve you will calmer again.

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Thank you, I needed that.

Today is the first month anniversary of my partner’s passing and I’ve found it exceptionally tough, I’d say what you are feeling and your outpouring of emotion is expected never mind normal.

How have the last few hours been for you?

I’m so sorry for your loss and thank you for asking how I’m doing now. I’m a little better been talking to a very close friend which has helped. How are you doing on this journey we’re all having to take?

That’s good to hear.

It’s exceptionally difficult, none of it makes any sense and the number of emotions you endure on a hourly basis is horrific. I can only hope that one day life is almost bearable - not holding out a great deal of hope.

I’m 12 months in and I’ve had a lot of help from friends and professional help. All I can say is get all the help you can it all helps a little and this site is wonderful. There’s also a group on Facebook called Widowed and Raising that might be worth a look. You take care and just take small steps, remember one step at a time, one minute at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time.


I lost my husband in Aug this year.
Its so very hard to go on , but i am trying.
I just want to recommend Widowed and Rising, its excellent, along wth this group, it has been so comforting. Widowers are welcome also.
Love to you all x

Hi tjs,
Not sure what is normal anymore, sometimes tears can help release your feelings.
I’ve got my wife’s birthday on the 23rd of this month and my first Christmas without her. I always made a big fuss of her as it was so close to Christmas and we would have all the deckies and lights up, we loved it.
Thanks for your advice, I am still going step by step at the moment.
Sending my love
Joe x

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Very normal.
I am so sorry for your incredibly heavy burden of grief. To lose both your loved ones like this is grief indeed. It will be a while before you feel strength return, but it will return. The human spirit is able to recover, given time.

Every night i dream of my partner…every day i cry for him…its been 7 months since i lost him…sometimes i dream hes come back from the dead to spend a little more time with me this is the most painful dream. I uderstand that crying is sometimes all we can do…im unable to share my grief and have become a very angry woman i imagine i must be very unpleasant because my phone never rings and the few friends i had have turned away…i have 2 sons I try to stay calm for them even though the light of my heart is dim they drive me on…i hope you have support and somebody you can lean on…i dont know the timescale for grief and coming to terms with the new way of things but like you i cry…i cry a lot…and in my lonely world its hurt me to know that the only man who ever cared for me is gone irreplacable gone and the ones who i turned to for help to cope went too…