Needing help

Hello I lost my husband on 28/1 suddenly this has been a horrible process had to wait on a post mortem which got done 13/02 then I could start organising his funeral which is taking place tomorrow I’m at a loss of how to deal with this we have two adult children and a ten year old who doesn’t want to talk and just keeps telling me he wants to die and be with his dad what am I supposed to do.


Sorry for your loss

It’s very early and things are very raw.
Give it time with your son - kids tend to be far more resilient than adults - but do keep an eye on him and see if he needs counselling after the funeral

Just focus on one thing at a time - if you try deal with everything at once it will just become too overwhelming.
Focus on the funeral with tunnel vision
After the funeral, focus on next item and so on

Stay strong through the funeral and I hope you have a support structure to help you


Hello @Ruby49

I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband. Thank you for reaching out to the community - I hope you find it to be a support to you.

You have asked how you can support your child through grief. @MemoriesOfUs has shared some great advice already, but you may also want to look at these resources:

Books can be a good way to help children understand death and grieving. If you search online you can find lots of suggestions. Here is a list from Scholastic that is a good start.

Take good care and keep reaching out,

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Sorry for this period and remember he is in a better place it’s well :index_pointing_at_the_viewer::index_pointing_at_the_viewer: everything will be OK in now time just believe :pray: