Never ending

Hi everyone,

Does this pain ever end.
Am 14 months in, i lost my partner last feb suddenly he was 36. We was together 18 years. Each day am finding it harder that he isnt here making memories with our 5 year old daughter and myself. She asks so many questions and i cant answer them.

Doesnt help that we are still awaiting for police reports and coronors reports due to the circumstances that he died. They shouldnt leave families for this long without answers.

Sorry having a bad day and needed to come on here xxxx


Gosh fourteen months and you still haven’t had any answers, that’s shocking! How can it be taking so long? What can they still be waiting for all looking at all these months later?
We waited two and a half weeks for my partners PM results and that was torture enough. I can’t imagine what you must be going through now.

Did it cause a long delay for the funeral?
I’m nearly six weeks in so still very early days for me so I don’t know if the pain does ever end. I’d like to think it will soon x


Sending you a big hug.

We had PM results quickly and funeral 3 weeks later, but due to where he died and how we got police involved and there is potential neglect at the hospital.

Just want answers, its shocking that it takes this long xxx

Oh it must be torture for you. I hope you get the answers that you need soon.
He was so young, it’s so sad that he missed out on much life that he had ahead of him and that you and your daughter now face life without him :broken_heart:

It’s such a cruel world sometimes, I hate it!

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I am so sorry @Claire84, losing your partner so young and waiting so long for answers must be compounding your pain and making it so much harder for you and your daughter. I do hope you get answers very soon, just know that we here when its a bad day, ready to give support. Sending love xxx


Can you contact your local MP for help ? Ive used mine in the past and they really are good at getting things moving you know !! Ive found them to be so kind as well xxx