Never Forgotten (Poem)

I think of things you used to say and all that you would do.

At some point, every single day my thoughts will turn to you.

To lose you was a bitter wrench, the pain cut to my core.

I cried until the tears ran out and then I cried some more.

This wouldn’t be your wish for me that I’d be forever sad.

So I try to remind myself of the happy times we had.

I know I can’t be with you now and you can’t be with me.

But safe inside my heart you stay, that’s where you’ll always be.


Such another lovely poem. I write poetry and have had work published but I have no interest now. I can’t relate to writing anymore.
Thank you for posting.

Thank you Angiejo2
I love to read poetry, but now it just makes me cry. The words really hit hard.
Take care x