Never forgotten

You’ll never be forgotten that simply cannot be as long as I am living I’ll carry you with me safely tucked within my heart your light will always shine a glowing ember never stilled throughout the end of time no matter what the future brings or what my lie ahead i know that you walk with me along the path I tread so rest my angel be at peace and let your soul fly free one I’ll join your glorious flight for all eternity


Beautiful, Casey. Thank you

Thank you for sharing, these words are what many of us think. Bless you Sxxx

@AnnR thankyou

@SusieM thankyou as you said its something we all think God bless our lost loved ones and all of us x

How are you doing today Casey? I haven’t seen you post anything and wanted to check that you were still managing to plod along. Sending hugs

Aw that was lovely Casey. God bless. X

@Jules4 hello how are you doing? I’m still plodding along still can’t get my head around it apparently I am going to be assigned a care coordinator from the mental health team but I still have to wait 4 weeks and I have to be 3 months in before I can get grief counselling so I suppose I will just carry on as I am right now but thanks for checking on me I appreciate it x

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@Angiejo1 thankyou how are you doing? and god bless you x

Hi Casey
I really feel for your struggling so much. I am up and down as they say but never complete.
I keep saying that word because it’s the only word I can think of to describe my feelings. I was always complete before…I just felt I did not need anything else. Now I can laugh and enjoy things a little better but then I think of how it was when my Ron was here and I realise that what I am feeling now is just to make life bearable. I can’t even express it. How can anyone express grief?
I hope you will find some kind of way to handle this Casey. Thinking of you.

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I hope you are managing to get through each day Casey. That’s all we can do really isn’t it? I find the morning when I first wake up the hardest as I know I have a long day stretching out in front of me without him. I am up and down during the day - he’s never out of my mind. The evenings can be bad as well but I have my adult children with me at the moment so there’s life in the house. I know when they go again it will be very hard. I just can’t imagine a time when it doesn’t hurt. Sending hugs

@Angiejo1 @Jules4 thankyou I’m trying to adjust but its so hard and yeah I find the mornings the hardest and pauline is never out of my thoughts I feel like half of me is missing you are right they completed us I finally got into my old fb to get the one picture I have of us together we were so happy and in love I hate life without her but I will keep on for my darling pauline and our babies the days just seem so long thankyou for checking on me it means a lot sending hugs x

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Aw Casey. I would love to see the picture of you and Pauline
You were obviously made for each other.

I AM SORRY Casey. I see you have added the photo. Thank you. Lovely to see the two of you…

@Angiejo1thankyou I think we were made for eachother i hope you are ok x

My dearest Casey1,
I’m not sure when your partner passed, but reading these few posts I’m assuming recently.
Be assured that every single person on this site would gladly kneel down and pray for you and your family. To ease the slightest amount of pain you have. My Sammy passed away 19th March she was 47. So overwhelming grief is a constant companion at the moment. When we love so intensely the price we pay for that love is always due…
No one should have such sorrow. But life in its infinite wisdom has deemed it so, and as much as I have tried it won’t change, so I understand that I will eventually have to… Hugs and prayers for you and your family xx

deep grief always comes with great love

@setantii hi I am so very sorry for your loss 47 that is so young same age my mum was when she passed my beautiful pauline passed on the 14th of April its just me and our furbabies now and the grief is overwhelming every second of everyday you will find people here understand and we all support eachother as much as we can my thoughts are with you and your family stay safe take care

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@luckystarhongkong that is so very true the love we all had and shared with our soulmates can never be taken from us it lives forever in us and for the love I had with pauline I thank you baby for loving me and showing me what real love is I will always love you and I thank God for all the years I had with you even though they weren’t long enough until we meet again babe God bless all our lost loves and all of us stay safe take care