Never having to say sorry

Many of us on this forum post messages that end with an apology (e.g. sorry about the long rant), myself included.

I had a light bulb moment this morning. There is really no need to apologise for the awful way we feel as we go through the different stages of grief.

We should be allowed to talk and even rant. This is a very important process in getting us to open up and share how we feel with people who know exactly how we feel.

So, no need for sorry, I think. :smiley: :heart:


Well said! I absolutely agree with you. It’s the honesty that’s important. This is the safe place to say it like it is and know you will get support and others ‘get it’. Definitely therapeutic cos it comes from the heart. Hugs xx

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If we can’t express how we really feel, where else is there?
Even after 13 months, I’ve just had a melt down in Tesco. The tears came from nowhere and are still coming. Goodness knows what is in my shopping bag!

Take care,
X Julie

Really agree!
There is nothing to apologise for. Not on this site especially but anywhere anytime.
Grief is hard enough without worrying if by letting it show you are doing something you shouldn’t.
Thanks for the post.