Never stops


Almost 4 yrs on…highly dysfunctional family.
Has anyone ever faced a legal battle over the ashes?
A lot has been going on but testing the water in case I’m not alone.



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Hi Sam, families react differently to a death and I have seen and read many sad stories but I think yours take it to a different level.
From my own personal point of view, I would just let them do what ever they want which would be the cheapest way out.
Please remember that they are only ashes, the person they belonged to is no longer with us and try to think about your own future. I shall be thinking of you. S xx

Hi Susie,

Thanks for your reply. I needed an outlet, like others on the forum.

We all have different views on the ashes, none are wrong or right. I for instance, feel like the ashes are still part of person. Although I also feel like their spirit is everywhere. That’s just my take.
My issue is my dad change his mind on the wishes on his will and only verbally communicated them to me, which I passed on to my siblings (one who recalls and one who is ‘on the other side’. The others want to scatter him where he stated in the will.
To me, my dad should have peace and serenity around him. I’m trying to do what he said.
This is all poor form!
S x

Hi, I know exactly how you feel and yes you have to do what makes sense to you. It’s difficult when things didn’t get put down in writing and we should all try harder to make the life of those left easier.
As I said my thoughts are with you and please remember we are always here for you. Take care with what ever you do. S xx