New category name - Looking to the future

Hello everyone, thank you for the support you give to each other on your community. I wanted to let you know we’ve updated the description of this part of the community to better reflect what it’s about. This is to help you to give and receive the right support.

This part of the community was named Life After Bereavement. However, lots of the threads in this part of the community might be better shared in the Coping with Bereavement section.

We know that everyone here is on a different stage in their bereavement journey. There is no one “right way” to grieve, nor one path that everybody takes. We also know that some of our members may be at a stage where they are considering making changes – for example, exploring dating. This is all part of the bereavement journey, and we wanted to make sure there was a safe space to talk about these topics.

That’s why we’ve renamed this topic from Life after bereavement to Looking to the future and clarified the description. Please do feel free to share your thoughts and experiences here.

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Really good idea it gives us grievers hope for the future and help with a way forward Thankyou


I agree wholeheartedly, I fully understand that it’s nigh on impossible to be anyway optimistic in the midst of our grief but from my point of view and I would be of a very negative disposition…we have to look to the future with some optimism or else …


Read this yesterday, written by a psychologist & I’d like to share it.

Positive thinking doesn’t mean you have to be happy all the time,it simply refers to a mindset where you approach hardship in a more productive way.
Positive life is built from the inside out, the problem is everyone’s trying to change their external world.

Makes sense to me, hopefully to others.
G. X


A great title - Looking to the Future.

During the first few weeks after bereavement, we just can’t believe there IS any future. However things settle down and I thought

“What now”
" What do I want my new life to be like!"

It can’t be the same, so it is better if it as good as it can be. My wife, Penny, would want it to be that. So I spent time just sitting thinking, often bouncing things of her in my daily chats with her. There were some broad categories, how best to care for our dogs, do I want to stay in my house, what new interests do I want to cultivate, what holidays can I now have that I couldnt before , what car etc etc.

I’ve worked towards them, almost complete now.

Out of interest, I wanted a good reason to get up in the mornings and contribute something worthwhile. I’m now involved in hedgehog rescue, and my first patient arrives this week!! Cant wait!

So don’t let it drift for ever, be positive.