New interests new friends?

Although I have family close by with grandchildren & they make sure we meet up every week they have their own lives to get on with
Friends are at work & also have busy lives & now the weeks have passed I don’t see them so much anymore
I miss having some one to chat to about nothing much
Maybe I need to get out & start new friendships but I don’t know how to go about finding groups ?
My husband & I just spent most of our time in each other’s company, happy to be like that having trips out together most days until he became too ill. Even when we couldn’t go out the same he was still there. But now I have nothing. I’m not very outgoing & don’t have any hobbies unless you count reading & walking


Same here. We were just happy with each other and don’t have many friends. I read a lot, too. I do have a son who has been very supportive, helping with his sister who lives with me and has special needs. I don’t want to take advantage of him, though, he doesnt’ live with me and has his own life. Because of my daughter I am unable to go out in the evenings or at weekends. Someone has suggested I join her Tai Chi class, so I am going to try that soon.

Look online at Jollie Dollies, Way Up and Merry Widows on FB. They are all friendship sites for widows.

Think about what activities you used to enjoy and then search online for local groups.
U3a is a national group I think and Meetup might have activities too depending on your area. Walking groups like the ramblers etc and your local library might have details of a reading group.
The thing is to try some new things and if they don’t fit, then just keep trying new ones until you find something that does.
I found that once I started looking I found other things that maybe did interest me.
I’m trying to find new activities where people don’t know me, - doing things with couple friends I find really hard at the moment and like you I used to do most things with my husband so don’t have that other person to be with.

Roni is right. I would really recommend looking out your local U3A group, and see what groups are running which would be worth a try. They are full of people like us who are looking for interest and also looking for friendship.

The ukulele groups have been a lifesaver for me :wink::smiley:

We have to get out there and look, nobody will come knocking!


I agree, @tykey , you have to put yourself out there. The more you go out, see other people and do things, the more you have to think and talk about. Yesterday I had the choice of attending a birthday party at a hotel, or seeing a punk gig. I intended to stay and home and be miserable, but chose at the last minute to see the bands. So glad I went, everyone was lovely, it was a laugh, and as I had driven I escaped after 3 hours once I’d had enough. It isn’t easy going out alone, in fact it’s very hard, but the fact is that I’m single now.


Well done, yes things are a lot harder now, I guess our confidence has reduced mine has. I am glad you went out, it will have been far better for you and your recovery than staying in. Thats what we need to do make new memories for our new lives. Sad but it will help us and benefit us in the long run X

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