New me.

The last few days I’ve decided I don’t think I like the new me. 18 months on.

Everyone & everything is irritating me , I look at people and think - I can’t be a**ed with you, just leave me alone - when I’m normally a reasonably happish positive person.
I asked our granddaughter have I become Grumpy Grandma? She laughed bless her & said no.

Moaning Minnie aka grandma. X

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We’ve had an awful lot happen to us in the last 18 months, 17 months for me. We have every right to be a bit grumpy.

My grandchildren used to call granddad grumpy, but they always knew who was best at giving out pocket money, now our son has taken over the roll.

Debbie X

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Hello Grandma and Debbie,

It’s not that I don’t like the person that I’ve become it’s just that I don’t recognise the person I am any more. I feel sorry for my grown up children and my grandchild as (even if I say so my self) I used to be a lot of fun. Well both me and my husband were. Now I’m just sad all of the time. I haven’t got my wing man now.x


.Yes, i don’t recognize who I am at present. Have I become Mrs nobody, I think so.
Son & family spending what seems lots of time with her family. What about me?
That could be the itch I can’t scratch.
But hopefully I will rise above it.

Tomorrow is another day and I plan to be more positive. :crossed_fingers:
.G. x

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