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Hi everyone
I’ve just joined the community. I lost my wife of 31 years in February and I’m doing my best to move on but it’s a struggle at times isn’t it?
Unfortunately, I have no family either and as I was my wife’s carer for 10 years I’ve also become a bit socially isolated with very few friends. Double whammy, not good!
I live in Glossop in Derbyshire.
If anyone wants to get in touch, have a natter or even meet up please do!

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Hello, I appreciate how you feel and many on this site have had the double whammy including myself, it’s difficult going out and joining clubs but it is worth it and you need to feel proud. Please remember that grief doesn’t have a timetable or know when enough is enough and I do hope you find friends.
S xx

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I lost my husband in April and I’m just not coping I have 2 older children and 2 young boys the youngest being 4 and has autism so his behaviour is challenging my husband adores him and was so protective over him . My heart is just completely broken and I I still can’t believe he’s gone , I want to be here for my children but at the same time I can’t imagine going the rest of my life without my husband we were so close we were like 1 person I can’t put into words how I feel I miss him so much it so hard and unreal that I can’t even talk to him anymore the person I spent every second of the day with for so many years it’s like he’s just vanished he was everything to us he was my husband my best friend , the person who made me feel safe I was so happy now my life feels like it’s just over there is nothing to look forward to without him , I have Councilling every week on the phone but it’s not made a difference I’m so lost and so broken :disappointed: