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I just found this site, as I’m really struggling with the loss of my best friend, I met Mark when I was 17 and we dated for 5 yrs, we became the best of friends and our relationship turned into just friendship, we were happy this way, we ended up living together (it just worked) we helped one another we were each others rock, 32 years we lived together as housemates as friends as family, then of July this year Mark suddenly passed in front of me out of the blue, I was a mess, giving him CPR , watching the life drain from him, the worst day of my life, now I’m so lost and lonely, i have no friends to turn to, his loss is like my whole world has collapsed my love for him was so strong we went through so much together, I will never have a friend,companion like him. The house is so empty (never had children) I’m 49 now and struggling how i live without him. Sorry for the long blog, I’m not use to this.


@Paisley hello paisley I am so sorry for the loss of mark and for the heartbreak you are now going through I lost my soulmate pauline in April and all I can say to you is take one day at a time it is hard and it hurts like hell but you will find support here this community is so caring and understanding and there are many of us here going through the same heartache you are not alone even though I know it feels like you are keep talking on here my thoughts are with you do you have family to support you I’m often around if you want to chat take care sending hugs x

Thank you Casey for your kind words, I have family and also Mark’s family, but they have very busy lives, I just really need someone to reach out to, someone not family (if that makes any sense). I’m so sorry for your loss and I’m here for you also, I’m hoping to find friendships and some solace here x

@Paisley you are welcome and thankyou and it does makes sense as it can be hard to tell family exactly how we are feeling and this really is a great community and it does help talking to people on here x

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Hi Mark, so sorry for your loss, I feel so lonely without my husband, friend, soulmate. His death from Cancer was horrific, but the worst part , as well as the actual grief itself, is the loneliness, the emptiness, the silence….I feel like I will never adapt to it or learn to live with it…. I’ve got this far, he died in August, and my mother died the following month, but at times, I wonder how much longer can I continue in this way, I have my three cats but adorable as they are, they are not enough to keep me going, nothing is…. my thoughts are with you……

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