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Hi De,
Here are some instructions for using private messages:
And here are some instructions for viewing and editing your profile:

Hi Jonathan,
Here are some instructions for sending a private message: Does that help at all?

Hi Pat,
To see your private message inbox, with all your old messages, click on your profile picture in the top right of the screen, and then click on the envelope symbol in the drop-down menu. Here is a picture with the symbol circled in red to show you what to look for:

There are some more instructions about using private messages here:

Does that help at all?

Thanks Jen have received it and replied, let me know if you get my message also. Sorry a bit late. Gave up last night as became frustrated and while struggling I smelt my dinner burning, I had forgotten about it. So forum was switched off and computer put away in disgust. Out all this morning. Last night I swore never to use it again but here I am, ready for another session of frustration and hope that I have cracked sending private messages.!!!
Love Pat xxx

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Thanks Priscilla, have got it. I suppose you could say this new forum is testing our rusty old brains. I honestly thought my days of finding my way around a new system had come to an end. Again thanks for your help, I daresay there will be other questions though.
Pat xxx

yes Pat, I recieved it and replied ☆

WOW, now I’m becoming excited. That’s two things I’ve got right today. Perhaps I’m not as senile as I thought. Let’s see if there’s something else I can learn or possibly mess up.
Thanks for that Jen
Love Pat xxx

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