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Hi there not enjoying new site at all the old site was much easier to navigate I can get round it but makes me totally disinterested

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Ita awful. I am not getting replies from my usual forum friends.
We are all lost!

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Anyone having problems I suggest getting in touch with Admin. They are very helpful. It’s a case of getting used to it. For me it’s so much better once you get the knack of navigating around… So many new features. It’s brought it into line with other similar sites. Like all modern sites it can be daunting to non computer people, but they did ask for our help in setting it up. Give it a go.
We need to give it time to settle. All my old messages are still there.

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when I first came on the new site, I immediately thought OMG I really don’t like this. but now I’ve had the chance to look at the many new features, I’m finding it relatively easy to navigate around. I can see a lot of thought and planning has gone into this. I see these changes no more difficult to navigate than when I was a newly registered member negotiating a strange site for the first time.

I feel sure once everyone gets used to the changes they will find the site really easy to navigate around. the dropdown menu, for me personally is a great improvement, I can see exactly which threads I want to go to.

working with computers for over 30 years on a daily basis I’ve experienced many changes to individual websites and programmes and once you get used to these changes you’d wonder how you managed before.

I’m beginning to really like the new look.

thank you

I know we’ve all got different levels of computer literacy and technology, I do think that the more we use the forum the easier we shall find it. it was a little daunting at first as are all new things until we get used to them.


:roll_eyes: I am also frustrated by this new format. I do not need any thing more to add to my stress, the grief does enough in that area. I am not pleased with these changes. I miss the ease of the original site. Sometimes it is best to leave well enough alone. Thanks, Sister2

Well i would like admin to put our forum back to the way it was before, before this mess they have now created that none of us seem to like nor want…including myself…Sorry Sue Ryder but you have now gone down in my estimate…you have just added more stress, isolation and loneliness to our already bereaved…


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I must be in the minority, I actually like the new website, I’m finding it easier to navigate the more I log in. I can understand the frustrations of many other members and understand why the site needed updating. I did find the old site a little cumbersome at times when navigating the different forums whereas with the new site, it seems much easier. when I logged in the first time I thought OMG where do I start but after frequent visits I can now find the threads I want to read. I particularly like the feature that shows the number number of unread posts saves me having to trawl through all the threads.
thank you.

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I guess the ones who like it will stay and the ones who dont like it will now leave…then there will be the new member’s who find their way to this club no one wants to join, whether they will stay because of this new forum layout ( of course they will be none the wiser that this layout is new, better improved or worse, ) will show in due time…
Some of course may still stay but still wont ever like it…At best, it is better to stay with what we know, what we have been used to…Many of us as we get older, dont take kindly to change…

Hi. Jen. I do agree. A lot of thought has gone into it and I for one would congratulate Admin for all the work they must have had to get a new up to date site. I have commented enough on this so will get on to trying to help in the main function of this site, to help those in distress.

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Hi. There. I must admit to a problem with private messages. I can’t find my old messages although they came up at first. It seems you have to type the message then click the private message icon. I am going to do that with this message and see what happens. regards.

Well that didn’t seem to work. Perhaps Admin can help!

Hi Sheila,

There is a blue button at the bottom of email notifications which says “Visit Message” to respond. However, we have seen an increase in people accidentally replying to email notifications as emails rather than clicking through to post on the site. I think this is as a result of the emails now showing the whole text of the post, rather than just a snippet. I will look at getting this changed so that it is more obvious that you need to click through.

I will also have a think what we might be able to do to make private messaging clearer.

I’m glad you like the feature that shows you which posts you have read - we did get a lot of feedback from people who found it hard to keep track on the old version, so this was intended to help address this issue.

Morning Priscilla

there are many really good features and as I use the forum I’m finding them really user friendly, I do think that after a few weeks of regular use and further exploration of the whole site, it will become second nature.

over the years I’ve used many different programmes, some far more complicated than others. it is all about getting to know the site and all the functions that interest each individual.

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Dear Priscila how do i know I am sending a private message,? Also how to find profile?
Sorry finding a bit confusing but I am sure its better than previous system… once we get use to it.

Hi Jen, I am beginning to wonder if we are all on the same forum site. I couldn’t even get logged in, it refused everything I tried even when I double checked that I was doing things right and not having a senior moment.
I worked on computers for over twenty years and when I started we had no training it was a case of trial and error. Over the years we advanced onwards. E-mail and internet came into use and everytime we was able to get to grips with any system. I know things move on at a great rate these days but I am fed up now. My private replies are not getting through and another totally different way apparently to the easy uncomplicated, obvious system before. I have lost old replies, so another unnecessary search. I can’t quite work out why we need so many functions to send each other a message.
I’m giving up for tonight.
Bless xxxxx

just sent you a tester private message Pat ☆

Hi De,
Here are some instructions for using private messages:
And here are some instructions for viewing and editing your profile:

Hi Jonathan,
Here are some instructions for sending a private message: Does that help at all?