New start?

I am really needing support with my decision to sell up and re locate.
I have not been able to adjust to life on my own in the home I shared with my best friend and Mum since I lost her to cancer last year.
Part of this reason I feel is that she passed away in this house - it was not a peaceful ending.
Other reasons I cannot go into but involve family troubles - that just keep going on and on and are very unpleasant.
I am going to be ill if I don’t do something.
I feel I have to do something and can’t see me ever having any peace here.
I miss her so very much.

Hello Spring, I am so very sorry for the loss of your mum. If she had died recently then I would have advised you to wait until you felt more like making decisions about the rest of your life, but as she died over a year ago, you have had time to try and come to terms with what happened and know how you feel now. Only you can make the decision whether you should relocate and start a newer, happier life. The main thing to consider is are you really unhappy where you are now, can you not settle because of the way your mum died in the house or is it your family that are causing the problems. Once you decide which one it is then you can make an informed decision about what you want to do. No-one can make the decision for you. My husband died three years ago in hospital and all my happy memories are in the house we have lived in for the past 44 years and they will have to carry me out. But if there were unhappy memories, or I was having family troubles that would not go away then yes, I would move as far away as possible. You will always have the wonderful memories of your mum and can take them with you. I hope this helps. Take care. Sheila xxx