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Hi, I’m new to this group. I lost my mother during Covid to Covid, which left me heartbroken. We were able to see mum before they turned the ventilator off, but were not allowed to sit with mum during her final hours and this has left me feeling guilty that i was unable to comfort her when she needed me most. Also feeling guilty that due to all the restrictions, we were not able to give her the send off she deserved.
Although Mum left a void in my life i still had dad to look after until he passed away this April. This has left a massive void and im struggling to find ways to manage the emotions it has left me with, the guilt the anger.


Hello I’m so sorry to hear about what you are going through; such a difficult loss to bear. I can’t imagine how it feels losing two parents so close to each other. My heart goes out to you….
Do you have siblings to help support each other? I lost Mum in December and my Dad is very ill at the moment. Mum was living with Alzheimer’s so was never going to recover from that but she died so suddenly in hospital following an admission for an infection. She should have been discharged the next day. We couldn’t go and see her over Christmas because of the winter bug and I was getting over a bad cold. We never got the chance to say goodbye. It’s hard isn’t it. But, I’m sure your Mum knew how much she was loved and think about all the good times and years you enjoyed together. She knew you would have been there if it had been possible. I hope you have had some time off work to look after yourself properly . Jules

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Hi I know how you’re feeling as I lost my mum 3 years ago. My dad died 36 years ago
Mum lived with me for 10 years and I miss her hugs, chats, laughter and company every day
I suffer from depression and anxiety and had a breakdown
I had to take early retirement last year due to my illnesses
Mornings are particularly hard

Hi I know how you are feeling I miss my mam and dad so much, I miss our chats, their advice just everything. I feel so lost and lonely. I too looked after my dad after my mam passed and I am also hurting and angry with everything. I hope that life gets easier for you.

Thank you
Keep posting and we can chat❤️