New to the group

Hi everyone


Hi. Suie1976. Welcome to the site no one wants to be on, but thank God for it. It’s OK to come on and open up. It’s what the site and all the kind folk on it do. We are all here to help as much as we are able. You have dipped your toe in the water so come on in. There is no need for embarrassment because there will be no criticism or judgement here. We all know and understand.
One day at a time can help. I don’t know how long since your loss, or it may be you are waiting for something to happen.
We are all with you. Take care. Blessings. John.


Hi thankyou for your reply I lost my partner 21april 2020 but also had a new baby she was 8 weeks old when he father passed away and i also have other children so dealing with my grief as well as geting them through the tough times .he passed with covid pneumonia also heartattack and was in icu for a week prior induced coma

Hi Suie,
Just touching base, or is it the Boris’s bumper forearm, my wife went in late January, missed Valentine’s day, her Birthday, at 70, mother’s day, was due home on Tuesday, but sent for a routine scan to developrespiratory problems due to the dead virus having destroyed her lungs, she passed Friday morning.
For her just before going in was the knowledge of a grandchild being conceived, so Helen had a goal a driven desire.
But here we are… I miss so much, yet from January I I believe I had probably begun grieving (media and corvid briefing permitted)
Its raw now as was the passing of parents, but…
Any time you want a chat I would be honoured

Hi suie
Iv just joined the group hopefully give support to each other