New to the Group

Just wanted to say Hi. I recently lost my partner of 34 years and am struggling a little bit.
Not sure what else to say, but it would be nice to communicate with people who have suffered a loss recently.
Thank you for reading


Hi @Blue8,
So sorry for yr loss.
This forum is so supportive and you have made the first step. X


So sorry for your loss @Blue8

You have done the right thing coming on this site.
There is no magic wand to help. But here we all understand because we’re all going through the same heartbreak.
We’re all here to listen and support you.
Please keep posting

Sending hugs

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Welcome @Blue8

So sorry for your loss :heart:

You’ve found a safe place to express how you are feeling, without any judgment.

We are all in this together.

Sending lots of love xx


So sorry for your loss.
I have found this forum a lifeline. Everybody is so supportive and non judgmental. And more importantly everyone really understands so please keep posting.
Sending love and strength xx