New to this

Thank you for accepting me into this group. I have found my recent loss to be very painful and would love to hear how others cope or manage their grief x

Hi heartbreaking I’m so sorry for you loss. My husband had cancer in the 1st lockdown last March it’s so very hard in any circumstances. It helps me to talk on here about my husband I myself have counselling at first it was hard to open up I just cried over the weeks I was able to talk about my grief. I hope you have family around you for support chat away on here xx Take care of yourself physically I found in the first months I didn’t could not eat lost weight. I’m 10 months in find my self struggling I had to accept support from a councillor thinking I was strong but wasn’t. We all grieve differently. I make sure I get fresh air walk my dog try and keep occupied with whatever you can. It’s a hard journey a lonely one but people in here are lovely all in this hell together. X

Hi sorry for your loss
My husband passed December the 5th with Covid
Pain in your heart is unbearable
I feel sick all the time
Struggling to do anything as think what the point
Really is hard
Sending big hugs xx