New year 2024

Good health for 2024 everyone. Sorry but I can’t say Happy New Year anymore as the thought of another whole year without my husband kills me. Oh please tell me this gets easier to cope with in time as this will be my second year without him and the thought of that is still horrendous :sob:


Hi @Purple57 ,

Thank you so much for sharing this with the community :blue_heart: I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but I just wanted to let you know that you have been heard and you are not alone.

Take good care,


Well you said the right thing exactly because I am in poor health and wish I wasn’t but I am just one of many. Alone and feeling vulnerable and just struggling really. Turned off TV when all news makes it worse. Getting old isn’t much fun. We used to care for each other. He lost his fight first.
He thought I would be ok. Last year I carried to hang on to that.
I did too much now my health is worse. I didn’t look after myself well enough. Still a now sole carer was too much with no help. My adult son has autism and we used to share care.

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Thank you for your message x

I’m sorry to hear about your struggles. Good luck for your future. Take care x

I am so sorry for your loss. Not sure it will get better but hope you find peace and comfort to get through another year without your beloved.
I am beginning my first New Year without my beloved husband with deep sadness, emptiness and loneliness. It helps me get through each day to keep reminding myself that I must focus on our 37 happy years together rather what I lost.
Sending hugs & best wishes for 2024 X

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Thanks Angela. Yes it’s not always that easy is it especially when you’re bitter because it should never have happened but my younger sister said something to me last night and she was so right, don’t wake up in the morning thinking oh god another whole day without him but wake up and kiss his photo next to my bed and say (good morning sweetheart) and talk to him about what plans you have for the day. Well this is the first day to give it a go. Take care and thanks and hopefully what I’ve said will help others x

Yes these different ways to focus are good. But it is the low season after Xmas: cold, feeling rotten with colds etc, bills turn up, and flat, grey bad news. Then suddenly crocus and buds come out and springtime comes and it is better than it was.

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Hi @Purple57 That’s what I do everyday since my angel passed. I kiss his photo on my phone I say good morning to him and talk to him about what I am going to do where I am going, say hello when I am back as if he was still around and I go to the cemetery every weekend talking to him about my week - it’s so comforting, for me!
Everyone grieves differently but I do hope it will work for you too :smiling_face:
Take good care everyone X

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Darkness darkens the moods…so looking forward to the Spring X

Yes the weather really idnt helping is it ? So grey and miserable ! I just dont want to go on really … i hate this miserable life with no hope and no joy ! Its a particularly miserable place where i live ! God theyre such miserable people ! That really doesnt help !! Xx

Deb5. I’m sorry you’re feeling so bad and I do understand but I live in Cyprus so the weather is so much better as the weather today is about 18deg but overcast so it has been higher. Thankfully where I live I have very good neighbours and we sit around the pool or on a terrace with drinks and chat most evenings which is lovely but then I go back indoors and I’m lonely which is always going to happen. Come out for the winter months, I don’t think you’d regret it. Take care x

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Lol … that sounds nice ! Got a puppy and cant leave her cos she kept me going last 10 months ! I do wish something nice would happen to me though … i wish life would just gimme a break ! it just awful here … gloomy , depressing, miserable people , although i do have one lovely neighbour tbh. No wonder i miss my husband !!! I know i would miss him anyway ! But this weather just makes you lose the will to live ! I miss talking to him so much ! I miss everything about him … its too cruel this life is … thought i be better but winter and xmas has really put me back X


I got through Xmas OK as I have an amazing family and friends - Xmas day with my daughter and Boxing Day at home with 9 adults and 5 children was fun then a few quiet days at home! NY Eve was the hardest part of the whole festive season for me personally, I didn’t watch the TV celebrations as we used to !

NY day was with the family just like Boxing Day but at my sisters house …… we all raised a glass to Elissa and remembered her fondly and reminiscing about the lovely past Christmas’s we had all spent together with her

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