New year onwards and upwards

Hello all.
It’s a brand new year and for me it’s onwards and upwards to where I want to be. It doesn’t mean my mum isn’t going to still be in my thoughts. She’s in my thoughts always. While I miss her I have to try and live my life the best way I know how.
Yesterday sorry mum my dad I gutted your beautiful kitchen and moved things around. I could see lokk in my dads eyes how heartbreaking it was for him to throw away things my mum had bought I told my dad to be ruthless. It’s not nice to have be that way but I said to my dad my mums stamp is on this kitchen. Her love went into how it looks today. My dad said to me how do I throws away your mums clothes I told him the same you have to be ruthless. He shed a tear I held him in my arms and we cried together but we have to be strong together

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Dear @Steven

Yesterday must have been very hard and emotional for both you and your dad. Sometimes change can be good and a positive thing after a losing a loved one.

Whilst making the decision to throw things away is never an easy one, you might also want to consider keeping some items to remind you of your mum that bring comfort to you and your dad. It is always a difficult decision to make and many here will identify as to how hard your decision will be.

Take care.


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