New Year

I’ve come away to Switzerland with my sister and family as I couldn’t bare being at home for New Year since loosing my husband in May. It’s so hard without him. We did everything together. Even though I’m with my sister and family, I feel like I’m intruding on their lives. I’ve never felt like this before John died. I feel like I’ve lost my life and have tag onto others.


I know exactly how you feel, @Katie64 - when we lose our partner, we lose ourselves and so much our identity, too. We will establish new patterns, new identities, drawing on the best of the love that we shared with those we have lost. For now, hold on and raise a glass tonight to him and for the love you shared. That is my plan, here in the mountains, too - to thank Tom for all he gave me and all he meant to me. The first anniversary is in January, and that for me will be the real “new year’s eve”. x