New year

I wish everyone on here the strength and endeavour in all our grief for this new year knowing also that it is very very hard.hugs to everyone on here.

Thank you Annette same goes to you.x

Hi Annette,

you’ve said it all. Happy New Year sticks in my throat this year so can only wish everyone on these forums a peaceful one. So glad we’ve got each other.


Hi Mel and Annette

I am finding this day very sad and I am crying. Tried to sort things out but it makes me feel worse. My dear lovable son, David keeps coming into my mind, can’t concentrate and feel bereft. It six months this week and it catches me unexpectedly.
My friend said I should stop thinking of the death and try to look to God to help…not sure these words are acceptable to me at the moment.
Maybe I will feel better tomorrow. I feel that Happy New Year is not appropriate at the moment but a peaceful one feels ok, thank you.
Jan X