Lost and guilty. Where do I start

Hi friend I was the newbie a few days ago. But believe me I feel very welcome here these are lovely on here we all feel guilty and lost love pour your heart out let everything bout we all have done on here we are all going through the same grief and emotions guilt being one of them read some of the posts on here and I’m sure you will feel that you are not alone I hope it will give you some comfort. XX shellyanne

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Thankyou. Such a lovely reply. I feel welcome already

Your welcome luv just chat to these lovely people they will give you their love and support and it may help you a little. I’m on here all different times of the day and night and I always get replies to give you support. Take care luv XX shellyanne

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Hi Phil, welcome. This website has made a big impact on my grieving. I have found kindness, support and understanding. It’s the place where you can say how you feel and share it with others who are grieving too. It is truly a journey no one wants to have to travel but it helps talking to others and it’s given me hope and made me realise I’m not alone. I am sure it helps me and many many others. Sending you my best wishes, I hope you keep posting x

I agree with everyone you will find great support on here. Even if you don’t want to post anything just reading other peoples experiences is a huge help. Makes you realise you are not alone in feeling like you do

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