Hi I’m brand new to this my wife of 19 year sadly said her goodbyes 2 days before Santa came (Cancer)


So sorry to hear that x

Hiya, I’m so sorry to hear this. My gorgeous partner suffered a catastrophic cardiac arrest just before Christmas so Santa gave our house a miss. I had no warning that it was going to happen and no chance to prepare or say goodbye. Absolutely brutal. And now it’s time to look for a way forward. Family and good friends are invaluable. I would say take all the time you need, all the help you are offered and be kind to yourself. Sharing on here, reading about others experiences and how they are coping has helped me no end. It makes you realise that you are actually not alone. Take care x


Sorry to see you on here sending love

Hi my friend . Im sorry you are here as was i . I know just how your feeling . I lost my darling girl a week before Christmas 2021 . And although i have excepted it there is a void that can never be filled . I miss her every second of every day . My condolences to you and keep strong . Jeff K


Cheers Fella :+1: :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:k

So sorry to hear that!
I lost my wife in November 23, we thought we had more time together, her funeral was 11 December but we did our best to keep her spirit alive ! She loved Xmas and adored our grandchildren so we decorated the house after the funeral and did our best !

It’s difficult trying to find a ‘new normal’ and sometimes it feels like trying to walk through quicksand but getting there and taking it one day at a time!

Don’t be hard on yourself just take your time- I hope you have good family and friends around you


Yes only way is baby steps walk before you can run it’s a rollercoaster of emotions

I’m sorry to hear all of this…
I’m new here.
I lost my mum 5 days ago.
For 7 weeks I watched her on ICU struggling. She fell and sustained head injury. I was told even if she survives she will be in a vegetative state forever. She didn’t recognise me, I couldn’t make any contact with her, she suffered. And now I’m left with broken heart and massive guilt that I should have done something.


You where there for her nothing else you could have done


Very sorry you lost your mum . You shouldn’t feel guilty over something you had no control over and im sure your mum wouldn’t want that for you . I know its hard at the moment . I have a photo of my wife with the smile that could kill at 20 passes and thats how i have to remember her and the fantastic 46 year’s we had together as i say its very hard for you at the moment . But remember her as she was . My heart goes out to you and i wish you all the very best x


Agree 1000% mate
I have photos all over the house of my wife before she became ill ! I say “Hello Baby” whenever I get up or come home after being out! She was and always will be my beautiful sun bunny and that’s how I need to remember her!

From 2008 in LA, Ca with a glass of wine and the sun on her face is how I will always remember her

I loved her with all my heart and soul and she was my everything - I really don’t think there is anything more I could have done for her and Sue Ryder/ MacMillan did all we could to help her! - I miss her terribly. I would love to wind the clock back 10 years before she was poorly and start over


Im glad im not the only one mate . I too have picks by the bed in my wallet in my campervan on my motorbike and thats the way it will stay . All the best !!


Sorry for your loss I lost my partner on 2/12/23 from brain cancer. I miss him everyday but I’m just getting through one day at a time :heart:


Yup. 1 day at a time :purple_heart:


We did same my wife passed two weeks before

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All the best to you !!

So sorry for your loss - I have just joined this community as I lost my husband of 24 years aged just 59 - I know what you are going through

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Think your phrase about 'new normal ’ is so relevant - we have to begin to wade through the treacle of becoming one again


Sorry to hearvthis