My beloved partner of nearly 8 years sadly passed away on 28th December after a brave battle against oesophageal cancer. He was 58.
We had so many plans for the future, we were planning on selling up and moving to Spain in about 5 years time, we loved our holidays in the sun.
He was my best friend, I could tell him anything and he always gave me good advice when I needed it. I miss him so much. I can’t imagine my life without him in it.

I am sorry for your loss, my husband passed away 2nd December. He was my everything for 27 years. I, like you can’t imagine a life without him.

Sorry to hear of your loss. Lost my wife 10 weeks ago. And like you I’m still in a daze denying what’s happened. Its so hard and frightening. All I can say is this site helps you realise your not the only one going through this horrendous time, and everyone on it knows the pain your suffering xxx

So sorry,i understand,as do us all on here,the pain and shock is all consuming,and everything we know changes,i lost my husband in March 2018 and he was 59,there are no right and wrongs to grief,you will find your own way through,but this site is a crutch to lean on when you just want to pour your heart out,and there is always someone listening.Thinking of you xx