Newly Bereaved

Hello new on this chat sote this Evening, feel for all Your losses, noone can prepare You for how much the Grief kicks You,
I lost My Husband 6 Weeks ago, He had been very Pooly & Told He had Vascular Dementia, My Daughter, self & Son in law stayed by His Side for Six Days y Nights at the Hospital we wouldnt leave Him, so pleased we did that, He was in a Coma we talked to Him, played Music, You think You are accepting Death is coming, but Boy still doesnt help its like an almighy Kick nothing can prepare You for it,
I feel numb inside now y tears not flowing has they were, it doesnt feel right, we were Soulmates Married 52 Years, i feel Him with Me i talk to Him all the Time y Kiss His Picture all the Time, is it part of the Greaving process to go numb, it feels like a betrayal,
Thankyou all for listening feels good putting it down,
Regards Barbara.

Welcome to this site Barbara and I am so sorry for your terrible loss. I lost my beloved younger sister 7 weeks ago and also feel as if the wind was kicked out of me. We were life long best friends and confidants and we loved each other deeply. I feel numb some days and walk around in a fog, others days the tears will not stop and I can barely function. Finding this site and sharing with the kind people here is helping. We come from all over the world, and our losses may be different, but our pain is similar. Keep posting, and you will see that so many people can relate to your despair, and will help you through it.

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Dear Barbara, so very sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you.
I lost my husband to an incurable disease almost 17 weeks ago and the grief and pain are getting worse than what they were in the beginning.
We had been married 34 yrs and he was 67 when he passed away, would have been 68 in May.
I miss him so much every single day.
It is awful to see their health deteriorating and know deep down that there is nothing anyone can do to help just keep them comfortable. It’s still a shock when it happens.
Like Sister2 above mentions in her reply, some days are a fog, others tearful, the smallest things trigger off the tears. Sister2, so very sorry for your sad loss too.
Yesterday I just cried and sat most of the day, I just couldn’t function.
I live alone now and I don’t like it, I saw no one yesterday not even my next door neighbour.
I was seriously thinking of moving last night but I also suffer severe agoraphobia.
Not sure if it is the right time to make such a huge decision.
They do say to wait 12 months.
My home no longer feels like home.
Do take xare of yourself Barbara, try to eat and getvplenty of rest.
My thoughts are with you. Pegi x

Sorry for your family’s loss. I truly believe there is no right way to feel after losing a loved one. There will be times when your mind feels like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces all over the place, this is ok and normal I suppose, but please talk to people, write down your feelings, sad, lonely, happy or even numb. This has helped me and my nephew release the built up emotions, that sometimes we cannot verbally communicate.
Huge hugs and welcome xx