Newly bereaved

Hi my name is Diane and three weeks ago my husband died from esophagael cancer.
I feel like I am in no man’s land not sure where to go from here. I am 52 years old and never really expected to be going through this (I guess no one does).
The house seems empty even though I still have my son and daughter still living with me.
It’s the cuddles I miss the most. Just having that special someone there with you. He was my best friend and even though I am trying to establish female friendships its not the same. The closeness between a couple is something that can’t be replaced.
How can anyone get pass this?

I’m sorry for your loss
I’m also 52 and my wife died of cancer last July and I’m still lost and have no idea how I’m still here. I can’t tell you it gets easier the loneliness even with family around is unbearable. I do try and go out but coming home to an empty house is hard.
One day at a time is a favourite on here but it does work even 1 hour at a time can help. Try and surround yourself with good support and keep talking on here someone will always reply.
Take care

Hi Diane, I lost my partner of 8 years to oesophageal cancer on Dec 28th, he was my best friend. I miss him so much. 2 months down the line I have good days and bad days. I find the night times are the worst. Luckily I’m a nurse and work nights so I have found work quite therapeutic. Even picking up extra shifts to get me out of the house. I try to keep myself busy as I find I start “thinking” when I’m doing nothing and start getting upset. We had so many plans for the future as I’m sure you did.
I’m making more of an effort with friends which I probably didn’t do before, but like you say it is not the same. I could tell my partner anything, that is hard to find. I know I will probably never find that again.
People keep telling me time is a great healer, I don’t think we will ever get over it but hopefully it will get easier.

I can relate to you I lost my husband 02/02/19. Each day is a struggle and I’m so lonely. I only had a week off from work because I need to pay the bills so haven’t even started to get my head round what has happened. I can only hope getting in a routine will help. My thoughts are with you, wishing you are remembering good memories

Thank you so much for your reply. This is so difficult to cope with, I’m so sorry for your loss. God bless you xx