Next day

Same as yesterday.
No motivation
No appetite
Empty feeling
My wife died 7 weeks ago with MND
I am so lost without her.
Her love. Her smell. Her being here.
Life isn’t anywhere near what is was
Most days I just lay on the bed and stare at the sky and try to understand my feelings
Nothing seems to help at all
I fight to eat
Get dressed
Keep doing what came natural to me now is alien


So sorry for your loss. My partner died of brain cancer he was 55. My heart is broken and I will never be the same again. He died on 2nd December 23 people say it’s still so early days but I know I’m always gonna have that big void that no one could fill. I have 2 grown children that still live with me who are amazing. Yesterday I managed to push myself to go out for a bit but today just couldn’t get out of bed. Take care x

Sorry for your loss too Debbie
So young.
My wife was 69
I too have 2 grown children and a granddaughter and so many children grandchildren great grandchildren on jans side
But to be honest found it hard to face any of them over Xmas.
I guess I shut down and still feel that way.
My son came to see me last weekend and stayed over but it didn’t really take the edge off how I’m feeling right now.
I get moments of feeling anxious and sometimes scared of what lies ahead.

Yes a lot of people say to me it’s early days and like you the empty feeling doesn’t feel like it’s ever going to be filled.

Sorry for your loss Terry. Good to write how you feel on here. Your post read like a poem mate very moving.

As for alone I get that you can be in a crowded room and still feel alone because the one we really want there isn’t.


Thank you x