Night time. ( Poem)

When the day turns into night, will you fill my dreams once more.
Will you be there to guide me, and watch me as before.
Will our hearts be close together, as I lie there in my sleep,
as you hold me in the knowledge, that me, you will safely keep.
Will I lie again beside you, with your loving arms around me tight,
and soothe me with your gentle voice, to tell me all is right.
will your bright and loving smile, bring happiness again ,
and dry my many sad, sad tears, that fall like pouring rain.
Will I hear your promise, that you are not just a memory,
but in my heart and by my side is where you will always be.


Beautiful . thank you for this . Xtake carex

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Moved to tears reading this poem.
Thank you.

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Thank you xx

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Did you write these beautiful comforting words?

G. X

Yes, I did. I try to write poems to help me to cope.


OMG this is beautiful brought many tears to my eyes.


Dear Tony,
How beautiful are your words…
Thank you.

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