Night worker and Widower

Just putting the offer out, I work 9 to 9 nights Monday to Friday (Saturday morning), so regardless of topic, I hate silence and would welcome the opportunity to just chat a virtual coffee or tea chat. Widower 63. Leg end in my own lifetime

Stop the ‘leg end’ I am just a little older but keeping fit with lockdown and hot weather is no fun but ‘leg end’ come on, no way.

Susie, ‘Leg end’ is a joke term meaning Legend. So Colin was being funny when he said he was a Leg end in his own lifetime.


Thank you, I thought he meant getting old, pension next stop. Totally different. It’s something I have not heard before. Yes, we learn something every day. His life story is worth reading but have an hanky chief at the ready. S

Lol tears in my eyes, ace made my start of Thursday night happy

Military ism for the numpty new useless meaningless p y to early before watershed
That man is leg end in his her own lifetime
Usually followed by in all my born days and the award of spud peeling, dixie washing, latrines as our colonial cousins prefer. Oh just reread that, susie you’re not the spare wheel or useless. Think the hole is deep enough

Me 64 Helen 70,