…really difficult weekend …I know that’s true for many on here…feeling like this tonight…love to all :broken_heart:

My horror story comes to life
I can’t believe I’ve lost my wife
How precious can one person be
You’re gone forever, gone from me

A nightmare dream, that’s how I feel
But this is worse, as this is real
One moment happy and content
The next our lives are torn and bent

The things we did, the things we do
The things we planned, just me and you
All ended now, we can’t go on
The plans we made will stay undone

My heart is broke, I can’t deny
I wish to sleep, I wish to die
I’ve lost my love, too much to bear
Don’t want to live if you’re not there

But I know I must endure
The die is cast, of that I’m sure
I know I won’t see you again
I said goodbye, I called you’re name

Maybe there’s another realm
Where we will go and meet again
But that is in another place
And will I really see your face?

And so I must accept this fate
No other choice to contemplate
But the road ahead looks long
I wonder, can I be that strong?

…apparently time is a healer…apparently…:heavy_heart_exclamation:


Just beautiful and a wonderful tribute to your late partner. x


Sad and beautiful all the same time💔
Virtual hugs all around :hugs::hugs:

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A lovely understanding friend sent me this today :heart:


…yes…I have seen this before and shared it…it’s so true…everyday is like Groundhog Day…that is the nightmare :sleepy::broken_heart:

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@UnityMan and all of us…

Yes, and perhaps something for us to send to all those ‘friends’ and family members who think after some indeterminate time (decided by them) we should be okay !!!



…the thing is, until they have been here they can never really understand…nobody can…but reality is 50% of them will likely have to go through this at some point sooner or later…in our cases it was ‘sooner’…:heavy_heart_exclamation: