Nightworker widower 9 to 9

Driving in as I do 5 nights each week, I was at the time of driving home on Radio BBC Leeds. I realised that I was on Smooth radio, pumping out Witney, and afew more “Helens” songs, which could have had us pull over get out and slow dance. Drivers giving looks, etc. Its suddenly raining in my cars, tears, guffing, rough breaths,
I lost count of how many tunes,

It will get easier, well you get use to it. I am a radio Leeds listener. Take care and drive slowly. S

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Oh m g goosebumps, as am I

Hi Suzie …I read your post and am not entirely agreeing with the statement you “get used to it” …I think we find ways to deal with our loss in time …grief never goes away …it might become less intense …i would describe grief as a black hole …the hole always remains but life can grow around it ,


My take on this and the power of songs, or music, a line in a book, a particular episode of a tv programme sometimes events triger the memory “plus emotions possibly a left over”, the response was from within.
Other times I would like to think that the lost love one, has found a moment to connect, to let you know that you were not fully alone.

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