Nine years on

In September it will be are golden wedding anniversary I don’t know how I celebrate it or do I say it’s another day an just go on As normal if there is a normal as every day gets harder


Hi @Marylou1,
I still celebrate our wedding anniversary, usually mark it by getting something for the garden such as solar lights, a plant or garden ornament. My husband loved being in the garden, this year is 44 years, I put up butterfly solar lights.
I still get a card and after the day I put it in my memory box.
He may not be here but I’m very much still married to him.
This year my daughter sent me this message.

I hope you decided to celebrate your golden wedding anniversary in September.
Debbie X


Hi Debbie thank you I usually get out my last anniversary card from my husband an put that up love your idea x


Dear Debbie

That is a lovely idea, thank you for putting it forward, I’m sure it will help many people who see this post.

Miche24 x

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