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My boyfriend died suddenly on 8 January. Today the coroner’s rung with cause of death. Apparently he had hypertension and blocked arteries which made him black out and fall down the stairs and break his neck. On the Monday he went to see his doctor and was told he had high blood pressure and needed to go back later on to get it checked again. The receptionist said they had no appointments until Friday of that week so he went home.The following day he blacked out and fell and killed himself. All I keep thinking is if the stupid doctor’s had had more doctors and more appointments my boyfriend would still be here with me now.

OMG Tidd this is terrible and perhaps an accident that could have been avoided. I hope you are going to make a complaint or at the least a letter saying how disappointed you are that your boyfriend was refused an appointment when it was obvious he needed it. This is a terrible situation.
I was also refused an appointment so took myself to the A&E ended up with a stay in hospital and an op, yet I couldn’t see a GP. First time I had asked in years. I was also told that I should have written a letter to the surgery.
I am so sorry for your loss and the tragic circumstances.
Pat xxx

Hi Tidd

I’ve thought similar things about my mum. On the 7th june she was told she had a 95 percent blocked carotid artery and asked to come in for urgent surgery on the 11th june. On the day mmm sat prepped for her operation, she was sent home at 4 pm because more urgent cases came in. She was asked to come back for her operation 2 days later on the 13th june.
In the day of her operation she died of a sudden massive bleed on the brain.
Ive often thought, if only they hadng cancelled the op on the 11th, she would still be here now.
However, I have considered also that if mums arteries were so bad that she was able to die just like that, then she probably would have had the brain bleed on the Tuesday anyway. We will never know.
My gut feeling, is that your boyfriends health was severe enough to black out and die and its unlike that any medical intervention at late stage would have made a difference.
Have you requested the full report from the coroner?
I did and although I had to wait 2 months for it, I was pleased I did.
It revealed a historic heart attack mum didnt know about, severely blocked arteries around her heart as well as her neck, diseased kidneys etc
This additional info brought comfort to me that mums vascular system was in a mess and I’m guessing your boyfriend was in a similar position.
Cheryl x

Thankyou pattidot for your kind reply. I’m not sure what to do it’s all taken me by surprise that’s why I put it on here x

Thanks for your kind reply. At min I’m still trying to get my head around it as I don’t really understand blocked arteries etc etc I just keep thinking if they had had an appointment that day he would still be here he wouldn’t have fallen down the steps and killed himself. I’m guessing by your reply he must’ve been in a bad way to cause him to black out ?

The most the doctor would have done was issue blood pressure tablets. It wouldn’t have addressed the blocked arteries. Your boyfriend would have been put on a waiting list to treat them which involves putting stents in during surgery in most cases. They didnt even know my mum had blocked arteries around her heart till the post mortem.
Her doctor told me that she would have to have gone to them complaining of pain and angina. Which she didnt.
My mum was only rushed in for surgery because she had a mini stroke on 2nd june, had loads of tests and they found the blocked carotid artery on the 7th. The blockage was going to cause a massive stroke imminently.
As it happens a blood vessel in a different part of her brain bled which killed her. This has shown me that even if mum had her surgery on the 11th as planned she was still going to die anyway. Only 2 days later she would have been at home recuperating with me and I would have watched her die.
My feeling is that your boyfriend was in a poor state of atherosclerosis (blocked arteries) if it was enough to make him black out. My mums arteries were 75 percent blocked and she never even had any symptoms. We were out shopping the day of her mini stroke buying all our summer clothes!
I hope this brings a bit of help to you. It has taken the reading of mums full report plus alot of internet research for me to come to this conclusion.
Thats why you may want to ask for the report? The phone call from the coroner explained none of this 3 weeks after mums death x

Thankyou I understand it more now. I just wish he had blacked out somewhere other than the stairs . Like your mum he was so fit before hand. Guess I’m just looking for someone to blame as I’m really struggling x

Of course and I still do. I have just had more time to understand and analyse.
I still have what if days and you will do for a long time.

Thankyou for helping me understand x