No Comfort

I sit and wait as the time goes by
unable to find any escape from grief
I glance at the clock only to find
many hours to go before relief.

The comforts I seek from emotions so stark
that I hope to find in the arms of sleep
seem to elude my frantic grasp in the dark
and my only choice is to wait and weep.

The crushing weight of being alone
is only lifted when my slumber comes
and even then, my subconscious groans
as even my dreams realise he is gone.

So this is my life, day and night
always laden with the heavy sadness
There is no way my heart will ever be right,
and my mind sinks ever more into madness.


Good morning @sad2

Thank you for sharing your poem with the Community. Hope you are keeping well.

Take care.


@sad2 hi sad that is so very true and exactly how I feel. Thankyou for sharing. You take care sending love and hugs x

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