No dad on her birthday card

It’s my daughters birthday today and it’s the first one since her dad died in July,
I always signed his name for him and it was the hardest thing not putting his name next to mine so I just put love you natty,
She didn’t want a fuss so I gave her card and present to take home and open when she felt ok, she sent me a lovely message just now saying she was going to have a drink of whiskey her dads favourite drink and thank her dad for 30 wonderful birthdays he shared with her, so sad he’s not here for her 31st

My Aunty still signs my uncles name after 15 years. It’s such a hard thing to do. I think you did the right thing. It’s my sons birthday next week. Im fully expecting to see that my dad has written from nanny and grandad. I don’t think he will ever leave her name off