No Idea

I have absolutely no idea why i have even joined? I already feel guilt just typing this out and ive not done anything only cry out for help.

Lost my wife 5 weeks ago been together since school and married for 27 years. The gut wrenching feeling is terrible. I just feel lost, empty and lonely.

I have 3 wonderful children and a loving family but somehow it doesn’t seem enough. Why on earth I’m even doing something like this i cannot tell you.

Any advice would be welcome


Just to say that fear takes a real grip on us, it’s hard to explain, and scary to suddenly feel like that. It’s intense, comes in waves. What you’re feeling is totally ‘normal’. It does get easier, one day at a time :heartbeat::people_hugging:


@Lone23 sorry for your loss.

You’ve joined to find people that are in a similar situation to you, and know how you are feeling. Your family have suffered but no one others that have lost a partner know the pain.

Talk to us, we know.

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You are on here because you are reaching out for help and that’s ok and perfectly normal. You seek the comfort from other people who understand what you are going through. It is raw for you so the best advice I can give is to just take things hour by hour, day by day and allow yourself to grieve which is to let your emotions whatever they are to find an outlet. You will be numb with shock and trauma. It takes time to process so go at your own pace. We are all here to support you

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You are doing it because like the rest of us on here you need some where to unload and you can feel safe opening up on here because nobody is going to judge you. We all handle our grief in different ways, No one way is right or wrong. It is very early days for you, you are fortunate in so far as you have your children and support of family, as do I but they cannot take away the ache in your heart or the emptiness in your life

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I have just signed up after 2 years and probably would have benefited from doing it much earlier so well done for doing it after 5 weeks. I have firends and family but no one can really understand how you feel except people who have been in the same positions as you. As a result I have just stored things up inside and it really started to affect me physically and mentally. I felt like I would burst if I didn;t get an outlet for my grief. I started speaking to a therapist which has defintely helped but she also suggested finding people who have gone through the same things and here I am. Already read a lot that I can connect with. Sometimes just knowing you are not alone in how you feel adn that it’s ok to feel exhausted, anti social, sad and just generally rubbish.


Hi I lost my partner on 2nd December 23 he was 55 and the love of my life. It’s so tough just to get through another day without him. I’m just trying to give myself a job to do each day but if it doesn’t get done I’m not beating myself up. If I don’t want to get out of bed and cry I do, hoping the next day I will manage it. Grief is different for everyone. I am attempting to go back to work in a couple of weeks I’m hoping it will give me something to get dressed for. Sending love to everyone that’s on here xx

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