No Improvement

Hi Everybody. It has been almost 12 months since my beloved Peter died. I am just not feeling any better about my situation, crying has become an every day occurrence and I feel so empty all of the time. Trying to carry on alone is so hard I feel like giving up. I go out, I mix with other people but coming home to an empty house is devastating. Will this feeling ever improve, I don’t think it will.


Hello,I really hope it gets better for you………I’ve lost my wife 8 days ago,and feel numb,so very alone.I feel scared, Frightened what the future holds.I feel after the funeral,which is 10 days away,I may go for counselling.I’m all alone and I hate it

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Hi Donant. You feel exactly how I have felt for the past months. I just wish it would improve but it never does. After knowing a Peter for 59 years and married for 54 of them, I don’t think I will ever stop grieving, he was my whole world.

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