No more days

Memories keep comming back and the hopelessness of it all and the knowing that those days are gone. It hard to forget, I take my mind off things for a while my doing things around the home and then I put TV on and Glastonbury festival is on the first song I hear is my husband favourite artist Florence and Machine and I cannot stop crying. We never got the chance to see her live or go to Glastonbury which we wanted to do., it hurts so much. I can’t believe he as gone and now it just me for the next 20 years.

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It must be extremely difficult for you. There are songs that my dad and I used to listen to that I would not be able to listen to again for quite some time, because like you, I would start to cry.

Do you have any close friends and family that live close to where you live? I know nothing will ever come close to replacing the loss of your husband, but hopefully there are people who can be there for you when you need them.

Sorry for your loss my partner passed away unexpectedly nov2019 I was watching Glastonbury as music was a big part of our life we always went To see bands I can’t listen to nick cave which was one of our favs music can stir so much emotional

Sugar, so sorry for you. All the things we meant to do and now never will cause so much heartbreak and make us unbearably sad. I try not to think about all the things we were going to do, places we’ll never now visit but I can’t help it . It makes you realise you should never take anything for granted, but too late for us.x

Sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my parents in my twentys Even though I had moved away from home it was like the world had ended. I rebuilt my life and found happiness when I got married. My parents worked hard and had nothing of any value and they had no friends or relations the same as me. I think fifty was too young to die, my mother devered more. Now my husband died at 60 that’s also to young and I am devastated. I am lucky to have two children but they live away now and they and my two dogs are my reason for living. I have no friends and the only relations I have I don’t see or even know.

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Thank for your message. I don’t think I will be able to go to any events now as I feel guilty that my husbands not be there and it would not be the same so I probably would not enjoy it. Maybe In the future things will change I cannot see it at the moment. We still have to make the best of are life.

Yes we all make so many plans in our lives, we take life for granted and don’t think our life will change. We are lucky that we did do a lot of things we wanted to do, even though it was a struggle to do them at the time.

We had do many plans this and next year. We was going to enjoy many weekends away in our touring caravan. Next year a cruise to Italy for my 50th. But the GP must have found out and decided not to let us.
We go to a music festival every may. It was cancelled this year so was looking forward to next year. I can’t go on my own. We also had many stays in a premier Inn. Can’t do that either on my own. Just won’t feel right.
We have forever changed lives and nothing can repair it. We patch it up and modify your lives.

We were going to celebrate our golden wedding next July, pans for Venice Paris etc. And we always spent most of the summer in Brittany, can’t imagine ever going there again. We loved it there but no one Togo with and anyway wouldn’t want to be there without my Malcolm. Does anyone welded do this I keep getting pictures in my mind of the places we liked to visit, a bit like a short video film, all in detail. Hope I’mnot losing it! Sleep tight everyone x

Plans for Venice, this phone has a life of its own!

I booked a stay at Longleat Safari park for our 23 anniversary on 1st August. And next year Italian cruise for my 50th. Would not think of going without my girl. :broken_heart:

These things that happens to us mess up are lives completey, we feel lost with no place to go and no one to listen who can really understand. People on this forum have suffered the same and have to battle on as this is what we have to do. I believe life is out to test us to make us stronger to see us over come our tragerdy and then hopefully we will join our love ones again when our time comes.

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So true Sugar and philosophical! You’re right, we are being tested and we strive but it’s so damned hard isn’t it.Take care x

Hi Sugar,
My husband used to work as a part time DJ before we hot married and he was really into house music, trans etc. He has Dj equipment at home, he used to write record songs.His one of favourite artist was Florence and Machine. I know myself everytime when I hear one of his favourite or any song I will not stop crying. I am not into music now thinking and saying I wish i tried harder to join him more but it is too late for everything.

I can not bear even thinking being without him a year

Oh Jay, it’s all so sad, these things we just took for granted, always thinking we’d be able to do them. Our wedding anniversary is the day before yours, will think of you on the first…And the music, Nuran, heartbreaking. Malcolm’s great love was music, we used to go round the folk clubs when we started going out, he played guitar, harmonica, etc. Also, later, bass guitar in a couple of bands. I also wish I’d joined in a bit more and appreciated it all more. Yesterday went to our local pub to pick up takeaway Sunday dinners and there was live music in the beer garden. It was one of his songs from our lovely early days and the tears just sprang out. Who knew this would be so hard. Sending love and support to all x

Who knew we were going to lose our loved ones too soon. I am just speechless…

I know, Nuran, how do we start to mend our broken hearts. Do you still have your husband’s equipment at home? All Malcolm’s guitars, banjo, harmonicas, books of music and songs etc are all up in the loft and I can’t bear to go up there yet. Strange, as I have all his clothes around me and some in bed but and that comforts me but it’s the music that breaks me. You’re in my thoughts x