No motivation

Today ,im up and dressed.
Just procrastinating watching tv on my bed ,playing games on my ipad .
I know i have things to do ,and that i should walk my poor dog but i just sit there .
If i could just sit here all day ,nobody would know nobody would care.
Would it matter.
Whats the point .
Every day its another trial to face the day ,deal with everything on your own .Not being able to talk things through with your husband .
Its a strange time ,you still feel married and i want to hold onto that ,but Im not married im on my own .i dont want to be .
Its 16 months now and im in limbo ,not belonging anywhere .
Sad isnt it .


It’s very sad,that’s me too just play games on my iPad and drift through the days.I do keep up with the housework but other than that can’t be bothered doing anything

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Yep…same timescales…I now do things because I have to…not because I want to… forgotten what it’s feels like to be enthusiastic about anything…:roll_eyes::heart:

I have had dental surgery, which is taking longer than I thought to heal.

I am coping but it has left me feeling so flat and nothing I can do will perk me up

Feel everyone has stopped caring about me and don’t want to talk to anyone now

I have been coping with my bereavement until now and had a positive patch from the middle of March but now feel I am regressing

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I think you need to be kind to yourself .
Your body has been through alot with your dental surgery.
I think we do cope ok most of the time ,then something comes along and then its just too much.
If your body says rest then just do it ,keep drinking and eating get plenty of rest .
Then some gentle exercise.
Its hard ,but we are strong ,just need some T L C .
Hope you feel better soon x

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My wife used to play pearls peril on her ipad, I keep it near to her sofa where she used to keep it. Its not been used for 15 months, so sad.

I do a lot of procrastinating and spend time on my ipad. My screen time must be horrendous !!! I find it very hard to motivate myself to do anything in the house but I think this is all part of the grieving process. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up if we don’t do things. Always another day to do them :heart::hugs: