"no one can take their place"

it is hard to imagine finding others to take the place of our loved ones.

yet, people do do it.

my parents are gone but in a man at a social I attend, I see the qualities of my dad: intelligent, earnest, kind.

I have made new friends many times and soon they are old friends.

just some words of encouragement for those fearful on embarking on that journey.

the familiar is of course the best. but life is a process of change. so sometimes we have to open our hearts and minds to meet new people — very hard. I have always disliked the process but then again, I have often benefitted from the very thing I sought to escape.


Thanks @berit am grateful for your words of wisdom, which offer comfort and hope x

Hi befit so sad for you .you can only do what’s right for you .yes I can’t understand how people go on to meet new partners .it’s certainly not something I’d do I can wholeheartedly say iam on my own now until I die .my husband is with me always just because he’s not fully present iv got his presence all around me and that will never go but in saying all that it’s everybody’s circumstances are different so do what’s best for you big hugs take good care of yourself

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