No one tells you what grief is

Hello all
During my school years no one told me to your going to lose your mum one day. Why? Because you are oblivious to the inevitability of losing a mum even your dad. You go through life and then wham bam you find out that inevitability happens. Your world ends it crashes a huge brick comes out of the sky it hits like a pain you have never experienced in your entire life. Life becomes so much harder and you don’t know what to do. You have your mum in your life and life cruelly horribly takes her away from you. The world you know is no longer the world you know. The person you used to be is no longer the person you knew you’ve changed and that happiness is changed to sadness and heartbreak. Your eyes are opened to the fact weee all going to experience losing a parent and it’s a horrible realisation
Maybe schools should teach what grief is particularly the grief of losing a mum and a dad


I suppose people, particularly teachers, don’t want to deal with traumatic things. I remember when my father-in-law died, my daughter was only 6 at the time and she loved him to bits probably because she only had one grandad. I had a word with her teacher and explained what had happened and basically the teacher said that she had to grow up! She was only 6 and very emotional. Is it something the education system doesn’t want us to think about. I must admit I was not prepared when my dad died suddenly when I was only 26, pre kids, so took me ages to deal with it. It still hangs over me now nearly 40 years later particularly as it was Christmas Eve. I think people are too frightened about talking about death, but it’s something we all have to deal with at different times in our lives.

Yeah people don’t want to talk about death. I have to admit I never wanted to either but since losing my mum my beliefs have changed I’m more open minded. As a society we close up we get scared and we concentrate to much on life. Whilst living your life is important death is equally so. Education is about educating a child to understand death and grief. When I lost my mum I had to adapt to my changing situation it felt to fast for me. So I stepped back and learned grief is a process that has no time

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We’re all taught that living your life is more important and it isn’t a bad thing but oh no we must never talk about death. A child has no idea what grief is until they do one day experience it. Even the day before I lost my mum I think in my head I prepared for it but I didn’t want to prepare. It was unthinkable a place I didn’t want to go to. Why would I it’s my mum. I could never imagine my life without my mum. She’s all I’ve known I always thought my mum would be here forever. How wrong I was to believe it.
Now I’m experiencing grief in all its horrible forms. It’s made me realise just how important mums are and the love I had for her and the love I still have for someone who wasn’t just a someone she is my mum. My whole life


I think this would cause stress, worry and anxiety for children. And I’m not sure how you would teach what grief is. I’m 44 I’ve lost grandparents aunts etc (parents still here) my husband died suddenly in May different concept of grief since then, I don’t think you really know what grief is or understand it until you’ve experienced it

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No I don’t think it would if you teach a child in the right way what grief is. My daughter who has cerebral palsy asked me what grief is and she has a learning developmental delay of 18 years and she’s 30 years old and along time ago she said to me she now understands what grief is after she lost her Nan my mum so if she can understand a child can

But does she understand now because she has went through it?

Yea she does I still had to educate her on a few things