No sleep

Sleepless nights every night for 3 months how much longer will this go on.

I have only had the week so far so I have barely left the station on this unwanted train journey, I can never truly answer from knowledge or experience and appreciate that anguish yet.
If at night a dialogue on here would help, as a night working widower Monday to Saturday morning May I offer this for you, god bless Kim5.
19th June will never be the same, nor Valentine’s day, nor in April Helens birthday. 9th we share our last family outing… There is light, an easing, but we are all different so, again if you need hit the keys. Colin.

Thank you I found it’s just getting harder with not seeing him I think it’s hitting home now

Me too, it gets worse as reality hits

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Last night or very early today, I realised that it is a weekend only more by myself., than ever.

Think I given up on sleeping lucky if I sleep 3 hours and that’s broken

I’m on my first month. I try to sleep as that’s the only time my tearduct get a rest. It is so hard and difficult to cope. The lonleyness is painful but not physically having her to talk to or kiss and cuddle is heart stabbing pain.

To right not a good day today wandering around expecting to see Mick my tears have not stopped most of the day. Every one on here wants the pain to go just feels like your heart is going to explode

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Hi Kim,

I am sorry you are having difficuly sleeping. It must be very exhausting when you’re suffering mentally, and can’t sleep, as you cannot get the rest that you deserve.

The BBC had a really good documentary on sleep a few years ago that you might be interested in.

In this documentary they talk about how our gut health could benefit our mental health, including our sleep. More and more research now seems to suggest this might be the case. The program contains some suggestions on what we can do to imrpove our gut health.

It probably won’t cure your sleep problems, but it might help a bit.

All the best.

Thank you watched this

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Kim5, I do not understand myself and feel so guilty as I was taking sleeping pills in the beginning and then gave up taking them. How can I sleep without him? I do not understand as he is the one who will never go to sleep without me?

How how? Because I am so tired of crying and that is the only way I can have a rest or not think? Because I am sleeping with my son who gives me comfort. What is it? Ok I have a difficulty going to sleep as I know he is not there I am cold and wake up very early and try not to wake up early as can not see point but I STILL FEEL SO GUILTY.

Hi I think I go with the flow now where sleep is concerned the guilt of our husbands passing is awful. I had my granddaughter stay over a few nights she is 2 and sleeps in our bed I find I can sleep then strange. How old is your son. Sending love x

Hi Kim5,

He is 7. I just spoke to my mum. I kept telling her all my life has been completely changed, upside down . I am a bad person this things happened. What have I done wrong to ruin my beautiful family? X

You have done nothing wrong please don’t blame yourself we feel guilt I’m a nurse and knew my husband was not right for months I did keep pushing the Drs and hospital but I always feel I should have pushed harder. I imagine your son is beautiful and will keep you going xx

Thanks Kim. My mother in law is a nurse as well. When Andy had the panic attacks she did not think either it was heart. It may still not waiting for the autopsy results.