Nobody really understands

I miss her so much. I believe the only people that really understand are you, in this group.


It’s good that you’re here Peterj, although of course I’m very sorry that you need to be.
The support here is excellent and I would encourage you to read and reply to other peoples posts. It’s very sad that we are all here but at least we understand what others are going through.
Take care. :two_hearts:

Peter it’s because we’re all going through same thing we’re all here for each other lv annie

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I understand how you feel. My husband died in February and my friends and family are all very kind, but they have never experienced this and don’t really understand. I feel as if my heart has completely broken in two, I want to look at photos of us when we were younger and yet i cant because I find it so painful to realise all those amazing feelings and all that love has gone and i will never experience the happiness and love we had any more, only in memories. I miss him so very much and yet, I know that he is in a better place and is no longer suffering, (my husband died of a fast growing untreatable brain tumour), but it doesn’t help the enormous loss i feel. This seems to be the only place people understand. I find it a comfort to know other people are feeling this too and that they do understand.


Thanks for your replys. Jo passed away last Oct. from cancer. She had a dreadful year of chemo and radiotheopy. Constantly backwards and forwards to the hospital, the GP and the dentist. She was so ill with it all, lost so much weight and was on huge amounts of mophine for the pain. Then she was told that she wasn’t strong enough to have any more treatment. She told the consultant she didn’t want anymore anyway and me that she was at peace with herself. Only 65. I was always sure that she would be cured and we would have more years together but after she suffered a year of misery, that wasn’t to be. We all know how horrible this is. I’m sure it will become a little less painful in time but I’ll never truly get over it.


@Cal1 I totally agree… I look at Sharon’s pictures to try to make myself let out some tension, but can’t - it just seems so unreal. I’m falling apart, brain not working, and can’t comprehend she’s gone. So while it doesn’t help the pain, this site helps me a lot to understand what is happening to me, and that others are suffering the same torture.