Nobody talks to me after I seen death

My beloved grandmother, my favorite human on this earth, died from cancer in in-home hospice care. She only lasted a few days in hospice before she passed. I believe she waited for me before she decided to pass. I got to hold her hand and sit and talk to her for the last 2 hours before she finally took her last breathe. It was a blessing that me and other family were with her when she died.

I am so upset over this and it seems nobody cares about my feelings. Nobody cares to ask me how I feel, what im feeling, or anything related to my grandma. If I try talking about it, there is a lack of engagement which tells me again that nobody cares to listen. I find it really weird and uncomfortable to mourn her death because of this. Even at the funeral many people didn’t even bother to talk to me: even say hi to me. The only people I have talked to are those directly impacted by it too (immediate family), which I am so thankful that I am not alone. However, my friends don’t care to ask me or talk about it. I’m not okay and I am not ready to act “normal” yet. I find this type of treatment happens a lot to me when devastating things occur and I don’t know how to be okay with people not caring. I’m an expressive person and wish people would just sit down and listen to me.


Hi, it’s quite normal for people to try to forget that you are still grieving or anything else that leaves you devastated. I can’t tell why, only that we don’t like talking about things that causes us to become upset. For me writing about these things that happen in life and in particular grief, it’s about as good as talking but it doesn’t upset other people. You will find lots of post on here regarding people not wanting to know how you actually feel. Death is something of a taboo subject even now and we have had many campaigns to get people to just talk.
I am very pleased that you were with your grandmother, I always think it is such a privilege to be there as they pass and so nice she wanted it that why. Those two hours will always be with you and in some way they are private memories, special to you. Hold on to them but try putting them down on paper. S xx

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Thank you so much for writing this out. I think I should just start to journal my thoughts instead.

You are a compassionate grand daughter. You show your feelings naturally. This is how humans should behave towards one another. You are a credit to society. I hope you feel better about her death soon. How wonderful you were there. Your friends could learn a good lesson from you.
Love to you Tricia

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@Aloner, you’re not alone. The reason why people don’t talk to you. And it seems like they are cold and untouched by this circumstance is because they don’t know what to say. It’s very hard to watch someone grieve and everyone grieves differently. Some people are cold until a point, then it hits them and then they break down. Other people cry during the whole situation. Letting it all out anytime they feel the need. Others hold it in until they’re alone… I’m very sorry for your loss. but just take it from me she’s in a much better place. There is no pain no morning. There is no heat nor cold everything is perfection. And you’re there with the ones who love you. The ones who loved you in life will be there for you when you pass. We will see them again. Don’t you worry ! By the way she says now she can watch you all the time! So be good lol
Love & Light

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