Non believer.

People seem to take comfort in telling me my mam will be watching over me, be with her parents, waiting for me…blah blah blah.
No comfort to me, I just agree to make them feel better but not what I believe at all…or should I ?
Would it make this grieving easier just to try to believe,?

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I always believed, when you are gone, you are gone. I now hope that isn’t how it is . 4 year old granddaughter, says she sees Nannie, watching, I so hope that is true, on another thought, it would bring some comfort, thinking, we would see loved ones again. Take care. X

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Thank you for your reply.
It’s something I’m really struggling with.

Dear Lonelyfox

I have to believe that I will see my husband again. I never got to say goodbye . Its the only thing that keeps me on this earth until my time is up. We always had faith before hand but our son and daughter have lost theirs since their dad died. I do not push it with them (or anyone else for that matter). I think everyone grieves differently and finds comfort from different things.

As for other peoples comments in an attempt to try and make us feel better - I have stopped listening as again for me personally I find some insensitive.

Take care.

Need to focus on some positives, so many negatives . So let us all believe there is a point to all of this, live through this pain,and heart break, then we meet again.

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Well, I bit the bullet, left the walls I call a prison cell, , come to the local, feel alone , lost, , is the future, x

A lovely little poem to share with you.

Always Watching Over You

I’m always watching over you although you may not see
I know this time apart is hard, I know that you miss me
But I am with you every day, and through the darkest night
My soul lives on beyond the veil, I am just gone from sight
I know such peace and comfort here, my soul is truly free
When time is right, you’ll join me here and share eternity


@sad2 hi sad thanks for sharing x

I doubt it. I am a Buddhist - as was my only son who died in December 2010 - and we believe that all life is suffering and that only ends with Nirvana, the extinction of suffering. Or are supposed to believe in that, birth, death, rebirth until we are not reborn. I think my son believed in reincarnation but I don’t and I am a fervent devotee of Prof Richard Dawkins. Please don’t feel guilty - believe whatever brings the greatest solace. I do, however, suggest reading The God Delusion - it may - or may not - help explain things. Ducky

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