its been a bad day started bad and quickly went worse started listening to sad music and now missing my Sue so much. Just when you see a glimmer of light, Life gives you a kick when you are down. Ive never been a bad man always put my Sue first but also helped other people whenever we could I dont deserve this then I suppose no one on here does. Why do we all bother is it worth living a life alone . Living a lie. It makes me wonder, even in bed we get no peace just bad dreams in a empty bed. lucky they dont last long and early in the morning I shower and go down into a cold and dark lonely cold house I never had a cold house with my Sue I always put the heating on for her before she got up but now I hardly touch it why bother sorry everyone. STOP THE WORLD I WANT TO GET OFF. Might as well go for another shower at least it will warm me up. dave


@Dave13 . Hi, what you are going through sounds absolutely normal, although you didnt mention how long you have been bereaved.
I found the negative chaos continues to ease and the positive memories start to come through. Hang in there, it should improve if you are positive about the future.
After 11 months, is pretty good again. Not as goodbas it used to be, but very worthwhile.
Good luck, Dave.

@tykey My Sue passed 8 weeks and 2 days ago 15 Jan thanks hun

Hi again @Dave13 . 8 weeks is a very short time in this journey, when I was at this stage I remember all the negative thoughts and feelings hammering about in my head, and I thought my life was at an end.
But as I said, bit by bit it calms down, and some pleasure in life begins to return.
At this early stage, I just took all the anger, regret etc on the chin, and they passed.
The first major step in my recovery was to start thinking “,Well, with the circumstances Ive now got, how would I like the rest of my life to be like?”. I had a list, and I wrote it down. Bit by bit I moved towards it, This replaced “What on earth am I going to do now, there’s no point in going on!!”
Take your time, it really does get better. Its now 11 months since Penny died, my life isnt bad at all. Not as good as it was, but its well worth having. I still think of her often, but nearly always about the good things we had, with a grateful smile on my face

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Morning Dave,
Sorry you’re having a bad day, I do know that feeling so well and the thoughts going through your mind when it all seems so pointless… My way of thinking then is I would hate Pete to be in this plight as he would have felt the same feelings that I have and I wouldn’t want that for him. It’s such a wearing situation to be in which none of us wanted.
Thinking of you.
Love Jenny
So I’m

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